Strength Training

October 25, 2016




Strength Training effects

All our lives we compete against gravity pushing us down and our bodies doing the very least to conserve energy. Strength training is a outstanding activity to do on a daily basis to combat the two. Effective strength training programs take into account the load, frequency, tempo, specificity. To reap the most benefit from a program the intensity of workouts will often times determine the results of the work put in.

Benefits of strength training with effective program

  •    Increased muscle mass

  •    Increased strength

  •    Increased metabolism

  •    Decrease development of osteoporosis

  •    Increased power

  •    Increased muscle endurance

  •    Increased body control

  •    Injury prevention



Q. How many reps and sets should I do?

A.    Depends on what kind of results you would like… Endurance, strength, power.


Q. I want to gain strength, how many reps/sets should I do?

A.    You should do 2-4 sets of 8-12 reps.


Q. Can I just use light weights and do 8-12 reps and receive strength benefits?

A.    No, unfortunately you must work hard. The load must match the reps meaning that you must not be able to do many more than 12 reps if you are working in this rep range.


Q. How often can I repeat the same strength training workout?

A.    If workout is intense enough the body can experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) for 24-48 hours. As the body is working hard to repair muscles to grow after a good workout.


Q. Am I going to get bulky?

A.    Women, No you will not. Unfortunately you do not have enough testosterone to grow muscle and become bulky like a male can. With that in mind women should push themselves pretty hard to gain strength.


Q. I have some joint pain, are there things I can do and stay out of pain?

A.    Yes, there are plenty of person specific changes that can be made to all exercise to put you in safe and pain free ROM granted there are no structural limitations.



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