Turn New Year's Resolution into a New YOU!

January 31, 2017

Congrats to you for following through on your new health and fitness goals.  


Follow these simple steps to ensure the “new you” lasts a lifetime.


1.Start small, commit to a journey of health and fitness activities not “all or nothing” mentality.


2.Take 1 thing at a time, start with planning 2-3 workouts per week and sticking to them.Once that is happening regularly find easy ways to improve the quality of food you consume.


3.Give yourself grace, you may miss a workout, eat too much, and stay up too late.Remember this is a lifelong


journey and not a final exam you must cram for.


4.Find an accountability partner that will either work out with you or simply touch base on how your health and fitness journey is coming along.


5.Make some type of financial investment.That may be new workout gear, a new gym membership, a personal trainer, or a health coach.Having “skin” in the game will always help you achieve your goals.


6.Last but not least, enjoy the process.Exercise and new food recipes should be fun.Learn to love taking care of yourself and planning activities that will better your long term health.


In good health,


Drew Saenz

Team Up Health and Fitness


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