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Stress Management (Top Down Approach)

May 30, 2017


We all deal with stressors on a yearly, monthly, weekly, even hourly basis.  


It's not the stressors fault we have negative side effects, it's our internal response to the stressors that cause the issues.  


There are a few things we can do to manage stress in our lives that is within our control. 



1.  Eliminate exposure- Ensure your workplace is non-toxic environment by implementing and following  safety policies and procedures.  


2. Exercises- Exercise is not to shock our systems, actually sitting all day at a desk is causing TRAUMA to our systems.  Short periods of vigorous activity is our normal state.  


These are just a few benefits of exercise: 

-Increased immune system function

-Increased ability to deal with stress

-Increased alertness (safety)

-Increased cardio-vascular health

-Increased excretion of toxins through sweat


-Decreased sick time and illness ($$)

-Decreased use of health benefits ($$)


3. Hydration- water is essential to removing toxins (stress) from our bodies.  How much?  Shoot for 1/2 your body weight (lb) per day (oz).  EVERYDAY. 


4.  Sleep!  Sleep is so essential to a healthy functioning body.  We don't need to dig deep into it just please sleep at least 7+ hours per night.  


How do we ensure our company has a stress management program in place?  Your upper management, CEO, and decision makers all follow the steps listed above.  It starts from the top down and the rest of your staff will catch on.  A healthy workforce will become the norm and you will reap benefits greater than you ever anticipated with simply implemented a Wellness Portal for your staff.


Thank you for reading.  If you'd like information on Team Up delivering Lunch and Learn presentations on health and fitness topics to your company please do email me. 


Yours in health, 


Drew Saenz 




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