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Why Summer Is the Ideal Time


Why Summer is the Ideal Time to Plan Your Corporate Wellness Programming


Who doesn’t look forward to the arrival of summer?  Warm weather.  Vacations.  All good stuff.

Obviously, by definition, vacations are the best way for employees to recharge and destress. 


There is a downside.

One problem arises when one or more key players are out of the office at the same time.  To make matters worse, it seems like everyone is either planning their vacation or having a hard time getting back into ‘work mode’ when they do get back in the office. 

We’ve all experienced this.

When that happens, it seems like productivity can grind to a halt.  Hiring is impacted.  Project completion slows to a crawl. No area of business is unaffected.

So, what can you do take advantage of this traditionally slower time AND have a powerful impact on business productivity?

You can steal a lesson from the fitness industry.

You see, in the fitness world, there are three VERY important times of the year. 

  1. January – with the standard New Year’s Resolution crowd

  2. Late Spring – with summer looming and people looking for get their “beach bodies” on

  3. September – when everyone is back from vacations and looking to lose the weight from a summer of barbeques and beverages

Number three means big business if you are in the fitness world.  But the thing is, if you are in HR, Benefits, Worker’s Comp or Employee Assistance Program work, the same mindset applies.

Your folks are SCREAMING for health and wellness programs to help get them back in shape; nutrition, group exercise classes, etc. 

By having these types of programs ready to go for them, you are likely to get some of the highest participation rates possible!

A well-designed wellness program can translate to lower insurance utilization and fewer disability claims.  The two biggest drivers of higher insurance premiums.


Here’s a recommendation:

Put a group fitness class in place.  Two times per week for just 30 minutes each class.  (Make sure you use a certified professional to assure the best results!)  Combine that with sound nutritional education and you can have a serious impact on productivity as well as your company’s bottom line.

The educational piece can generally be provided by the same fitness professional.  After all, as mentioned, this is exactly what they are doing at their own facilities already…only now you have them on-site, thus guaranteeing the highest likelihood of participation.

Don’t let September roll around and get caught off guard. 


Drew Saenz


P.S.  If you would like some help putting a program together for your company, just call or send me a message.  I’m happy to help.


Here’s my direct line:  520-730-0614, 

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