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Wellness Unplugged

August 16, 2017


Everything we do today is online, on our phone, on our tablet, in our smart car, or somewhere in the "cloud".  


Although I love the new technology and how effective it is at keeping me organized, sometimes I just want to unplug.   


I do this by going to the gym, putting the world away for a solid hour and focus solely on my most important asset, myself.   BUT guess what!  I still find myself tracking my workouts on an application on my phone, checking my email, facebook, etc..  


FINALLY, I came up with a solution to unplug myself for a full hour without distracting.  Group fitness classes!  The health club I belong to offers fantastic group fitness classes.  They provide an instructor, a program to follow, music, and engagement.  Best of all I leave my phone in the locker and turn the world off while I turn my mental and physical fitness ON. 


To related to the corporate setting, everything your team does all day long is technology based.    Emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, video conferences.  Now they even track their wellness incentive on some app or website. 


Why not provide your people an opportunity to unplug and focus on themselves for 30 minutes during their workday?  Better yet, why not join em! 


This is exactly what we do for our corporate wellness clients, provide a trainer on-site, a world class fitness program to follow, engagement, and accountability.  


I knew the benefits of exercise for my physical health, but not until I truly unplugged during my workout sessions did I truly apperciate the mental break it provides. 


Since I started to unplug just twice a week, I am looking forward to the classes I attended, more engagement when I am using technology for work purposes, and overall more content with my exercise experience.  


If you take away one thing from this, simply allow yourself and your team to un-plug, be present in your environment, and invest some time in your most important asset, your people.  


All the best, 


Drew Saenz 



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