1 Major Move to Keep Your Eyes on the Golf Ball

September 11, 2017

1 major move to keep your eyes on the golf ball



“If you're using ‘flexibility’ as an umbrella term for tightness, you're like a map maker who still insists the world is flat. Calling all limited range of motion problems flexibility issues is problematic because it suggests that all can be helped with stretching”.(Gray Cook) Knowing what to stretch, how to stretch it, and when muscles should be stretched is the key to your long term ‘flexibility’ maintenance or improvement.


Neck/Head Rotation in golf requires the head to remain stable though the swing. The body rotates around the head but the head is turning relative to the body. A right handed golfer turns his head left then
right very fast as they go through the back swing and down swing, respectively. To improve this range of motion that is required in golf it is important to train the neck with movement that is similar in nature.



How to stretch your neck for your golf game


Exercise- Body turns with head stable

Explanation: starting with feet together, hands together in front of your body at shoulder height, keep your head and eyes looking straight ahead during whole movement, Rotate the right foot open as far as possible and do the same with the right hand. Then bring hands and feet back together. Do this with left foot and left hand also.


Do this 10 times each before your round or practice

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