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September 20, 2017



Food for Thought, Calorie Free 

I was having a conversation with a woman at an engineering firm earlier this week and she asked me what our programs entail.  In a nut shell I explained to her that we help people live their best life and increase performance through action based fitness and nutrition programs.  She immediately opened up with a big smile and went on to tell me how she loves her job but sitting or standing at her desk all day does not give her the motivation she needs to perform her job to her best abilities.   

This made me think back to my personal health and fitness journey.  At the age of 20 years old I had high blood pressure, was wearing a 42 inch waist, and was pushing 300 pounds at only 5 foot 8.  I needed to make big changes or I was in for a short life of health issues and doctor visits.  I quickly got started on a consistent exercise program, stop drinking soda, stopped smoking cigarettes (gross, I know), and gave up my daily trip to Mickey D's for breakfast.  My entire life changed, included my waistline, blood pressure, and bad breath.  

My motivation for better performance in all aspects of my life skyrocketed.  I knew working out was hard but I also knew if I could do that for just 30 minutes per day I could execute the rest of my day with ease.  

The woman who needs fitness and nutrition improvement to enhance her motivation to perform her best at work will see the same results.  Once she is plugged into a program that addresses her basic human needs of adequate exercise and nutrition her life too, will change.  

How much would each of your staff members impact the bottom line of your company if they too were motivated and healthy to perform their best? 

Maybe they aren't in sales but what if their sick days decreased by 90%?  How much more could they produce?  What would this look like for your entire organization over 1 years time?  

Here are some analytics when it comes to wellness and reviewing the health care and absenteeism numbers. 

  • Aldana, in a review of 72 studies, found an average corporate wellness ROI of $3.48 when considering health care costs alone; $5.82 per $1 when examining absenteeism, and $4.30 when both outcomes are considered. 

Over 72 studies show a return of around $5 for every $1 spent. 

Let me ask you this, how much money is your company leaving on the table every year by allowing your staff to leave their health, productivity, and motivation up to them? 

Yours in health and success, 

Drew Saenz

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