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Weight Loss Challenge vs. Health Initiative

October 26, 2017

Key Factors For Success

Weight loss challenges are still very popular in the workplace today.  It usually goes something like this... 

Announce program with incentive to employee's 
Schedule weigh in times with organizer 
Weigh in employee's 
Weigh out employee's 
Provide incentives for those who lost the most weight 

There are TWO BIG things wrong with this.  
1.  You are not providing any education for your team members on what healthy weight loss looks like (2 pounds per week), weight loss vs. fat loss, and the dangers of crash dieting.  
2.  You are incentivising employees to partake in a short term program that may show results for 4-8 weeks but what about the rest of the year? 

Time and time again companies will run this type of program without looking at the numbers from the previous year.  Without ongoing education and initiatives I am willing to bet money that 50% or more of your weight loss challenge participants weigh more than they did at the beginning of last years weight loss challenge.   This will have a huge impact on their long term health when it comes to healthy organ function and eating habits.  

The solution?  Lifestyle challenges, health initiatives, and education.  Survey your team and see what they want to participate in.  Tailor the education based on aggregate outcomes of biometric screening and HRA's for best results.  Incentives for ongoing participation and make them work for their prizes, theres no reason to give away so much and not get long term employee buy in.  

If you'd like to discuss how my team and I can help you implement successful lifestyle challenges and education based on your company's needs, simply reply to this email.  

By well my friends, 
Drew Saenz 

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