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Walk the Walk

November 1, 2017

Walk the Walk When it Comes to Wellness


Being in the Wellness Industry I meet all kinds of account managers for large wellness organizations.  These people mean well, want to help others, and truly care about their accounts.  Although, one thing I have noticed is their lack of walk the walk when it comes to boots on the ground wellness experience.  

Have they embarked on a personal behavior change journey?
Have they personally coached hundreds of people to better health?
Have they personally held people accountable to sticking with a personalized program that is directly related to their personal health issues? 

In most cases, they have not.  Yet companies will still pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to a company that isn't personally helping their employees.  They are simply providing resources for employees to help themselves. 

If you had an employee struggling to perform their daily job duties would you;
A. Give them info to improve their performance on their own.
B.  Provide a training program with a qualified trainer (coach) to ensure employee success. 

If you picked B, you're on the right track for businesses success, the same holds true for your wellness program.  

Don't just provide the resources, provide the coaching and accountability that will drive true change. 

That's why I like to call myself a fitness fixer-upper.  I will personally come into your workplace and fix the fitness of your staff.  

Well oiled machines exercise daily, why not provide programs that will implement the same for your employees? 

Yours in health, 

Drew Saenz  

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