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With Risk, there is always reward.

March 15, 2019

Title:  With Risk, there is always reward. 


Executive Summary:

Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club made a large investment in May of 2016 to enhance their Sports Club by putting in all new Life Fitness strength equipment.  During this time, the Sports Club was programmed by a seasonal member who would teach Yoga classes, provide personal training, and schedule all fitness activities.  In October of 2016 the current fitness coordinator did not return to the Club and Team Up Health and Fitness was contacted to take over the Sports Club Program.  Due to the age of the onsite Team Up trainers the member base was a bit resistant at first, but by January 2017 the fitness center was thriving with 15 full classes per week.  Fast forward to January 2019 the fitness center hosts 26+ group fitness classes per week.  Team Up  works alongside the Club’s team to coordinate a Bocce Ball League, and has enhanced the Sport Court offerings to increase the member experience and overall court utilization. 



Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club is one of Phoenix Premier Private Golf Clubs. The club has over 400 memberships, programs and activities to keep members engaged all year.  The community is thriving with vibrant people from all around the world that call Gold Canyon, Arizona their home.    



Mark Gurnow, the GM of Superstition Mountain knew he was taking a risk by contracting a young business to run his Sports Club with a 55+ member base.  The member base was comfortable doing things the way they always did, step aerobics, slow yoga classes, and long steady state cardio sessions was the majority of their fitness offerings.  Just a few years out of college Drew Saenz knew the member base needing programming that would help them thrive in the later years of life not just survive.  When the new and enhanced fitness classes were launched participation was low at first, but once members started to grow muscle, play better golf, and feel the best they had in years it was all smooth sailing from there. 

The Sports Club Facility is as follows:

  • 1 Small Group Fitness room (15 max participants)

  • 1 Small free weight area

  • Life Fitness Machine Circuit

  • 10 pieces of varied cardio equipment

  • 1 cable crossover machine

  • Back patio with room for exercise classes 

  • Open lawn space for stretching classes

  • Aquatic exercise friendly pool


How Team Up Helped:

Before putting together a schedule, looking at the previous year’s fitness schedule, Team Up asked Superstition Mountain to survey their member base.  With a strong background in behavior change and Corporate Wellness Drew Saenz knew that if members perceive that you are doing something FOR them and not TO them, participation and change will come naturally.  


The first month (November 2016) the first Team Up calendar was launched at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club.  There were 12 classes per week with an average participation rate of 8 members per class.  Not a bad start but it was just the tip of the ice berg.  Once members caught on to the benefits interval resistance-based training classes started to fill up. 


Team Up acquired the best fitness instructors in the area to provide services at the club and ensure all members needs were met with Senior Stretch, Beginner Yoga, Morning Bootcamp, Outdoor Strength, Afternoon Tabata, and Golf Specific Fitness classes.  Other than marketing programs to member base and paying invoices the Sports Club runs hands off for Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club. 




After year 2 members are very excited to see Team Up still providing programming for their Club.  Team Up is now assisting in enhancement of Sport Court and Bocce ball programs and leagues.  There are over 25 fitness classes per week at the Sports Club with an average of 12 participants per class.  Current members are playing better golf, feeling better than they have in years, and staying engaged in offerings all season long. 


Supporting Visuals & Quotes:

Hi Drew and Zach,

 I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and benefitted from the fitness classes that you and your team have provided this year at Superstition Mountain.  In addition to the overall improvement in health and well-being afforded by participation in the classes, I believe that the benefits really complement the efforts of the golf instruction staff.  The gains I have personally made in strength and flexibility have helped me to improve my golf game significantly.  I was able to reduce my handicap index by 4 strokes this past season after being stuck at the same level for a number of years.  I believe that the golf specific classes have been particularly valuable as they have helped me to be better able to execute the actions that the golf professionals have been teaching.  So great job Drew, Zach, Pam, Deborah, Simone, and Donna.  Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm!


Linda Wahby


Fitness Experience

2016 (Previous year without Team Up)

3.77 out of 5

2017 (First year Team Up program implementation)

4.0 out of 5



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